She was stable. Quite stable and confident. She had put all of her efforts in it. She prayed alot, had hopes. She had regained this faith and optimism. And she was expecting a miracle.

And it announced, she opened the site with shaking hands, trembling soul.

And she cried. Not because she was happy. But because once again, her fears won.

She was afraid of failure. And she trusted the hope. And it killed her,,,

Once again she went to the stage of depression, a stage of lack of confidence,,, with, with shattered personality. Once again the deamons won. Once again she lost the battle, once again mom proved her point

“And yes, mom was true when she said, turcy, u ain’t no lucky, ¬†or blessed. Because if you were u would have been sitting here with your father, and God, he loves no1, millions die daily, He care for none. He knew it that u need your father but HE took him away, he loves no1. , Accept it today, or it will beat you with useless drama of hope ”



Humans for sale !!!

I live in an era, where blood is cheaper than water,, where mac value more than real human emotions

A century where u can buy anything with a few pennies. Where food is expensive than one’s esteme. An era where flour costs more than soul.

An era of masked men. An era where emotions value nothing,,, u wana survive, u gotta pretend u are strong. An era where humans are fearful of humans. An era where we hav conquered the earths and moons but still can not conquer the human brain.

An era where only reward for sincerity and love is hatred.

In such times, money values !!!

To be cont’



Hope is the worst thing,,,
It seduces the sane people to think they can do anything in the world,, give them confidence, and murder them, threw them from the peak of the optimistic hill,,, some survive,, others are just shattered !!!